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About Bulk Aviation Fuel Transport | Bulk Fuel Delivery Made Simple

In the complex and ever-changing world of business aviation, fuel is usually considered one of the least complex aspects of planning a successful mission—and that’s usually the case. With so many operations located in remote areas with little infrastructure, understandably, fuel supply is a serious business and one of the many reasons why Avion Energy has quickly become an aviation favorite.

While we like to assume that good quality and abundant fuel supplies will be available at most general aviation (GA) destinations countywide this is not always the case. Prior to any international trip it’s recommended that business aircraft operators do their due diligence in confirming that fuel – Jet A or Jet A-1 – will be available at each destination. Avion Energy is expanding into the market to supply fuel in either drums in bulk or underground. We can deliver fuel anywhere in Kenya. Are you located in a remote area, at a fire base, lodge or farm and need fuel? Do you own an aircraft which needs refuelling, fast efficient and hassle free? Talk to us today

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